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The PPI claims scandal has been called the biggest to affect the UK consumer finance industry, and with good reason. So far over four million people have successfully claimed back, or are claiming, mis sold PPI charges, and many more are set to do so. If you have taken out a mortgage, a loan or a credit card, or any form of credit in the last few years then you could have been paying mis-sold PPI fees, and with the average payment so far being around £3,000 it is work claiming. At PPI Reclaim Co we have helped many thousands of people claim back money that is rightfully theirs, and we are perfectly placed to help you.

Unlike other PPI claims companies we will also try and help you claim back any unfair credit card charges, as well as claiming back your mis sold PPI fees. All you have to do is fill in the online form and we will call you back at your convenience.

Why should you use PPI Reclaim Co?

Our experience in the world of PPI claims has taught us that many people are not sure that using a claims management company is the right thing to do. You are more than welcome to claim yourself, but we are confident our expertise will help make the claims process simple and stress free. While we get on with the job of claiming back your money for you, you are free to carry on as normal.

The following are further reasons to use our services:

  1. Our team of NO WIN NO FEE PPI CLAIMS SOLICITORS are committed to making sure your claim receives the individual attention that is required and deserved.
  2. There are NO UPFRONT FEES; our job is to help you get back what is rightfully yours. We consider upfront fees to be unfair and unethical.
  3. Our NO WIN NO FEE deal ensures there will be nothing for you to pay in the unlikely event your claim is rejected.
  4. There are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS; if you cannot find the paperwork, we will pay for it to be sent from the lender.
  5. Our charges are clear and simple: You pay 25% + VAT – that is it – on any funds recovered, and only then when the case is closed.
  6. We treat each and every customer individually, and each is allocated a DEDICATED CASE HANDLER to keep you informed of progress during the PPI reclaim process. We do not pass you from pillar to post on the phone.

PPI Reclaim Co has so far made successful claims for many thousands of customers, and we have been handling claims since the outbreak of the scandal. We work within the strict guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice, and we take pride in our standards of customer service.




All you need to know about Payment Protection Insurance

PPI can be a complex matter, as industry-specific jargon keeps consumers in the dark and makes things appear more complex than they are. Let’s have a look at the PPI scandal in clear and simple language.

The beginning of the PPI Scandal

The mis sold PPI scandal first hit the news in 2005 when the Financial Services Authority (FSA) responded to allegations of mis-selling in the industry. An investigation found that mis-selling of PPI was quite commonplace. In 2007 the authorities revised the regulations, and anyone who had been involved in mis-selling was fined. In 2009 it was deemed unlawful for lenders to sell single rate PPI policies, and in 2011 the High Court agreed with the FSA, the result being the order to pay back mis-sold fees.

PPI Provisions Explained

When the banks and other lenders, including many retailers, were ordered to pay back the cost of mis-sold policies they were forced to put aside money to cover the costs, and some were also fined considerable amounts. It is believed that more than £13billion has been put aside to cover the costs, with the Lloyds Banking Group alone allowing for more than £5billion. Anyone who has been mis-sold PPI has a right to claim back all the fees on the policy, and it is the choice of the consumer as to whether they use professionals to claim back the money they are owed, or carry out the claim alone.

How Much Is the Average Payment?

So far, the average payout is around £3000, although there has been at least one that was in greater than £50,000. The amount you may be owed depends entirely on the size, length and type of the credit agreement involved.

You may wish to use an online PPI Calculator to get an idea of your possible payment. All of our advice is free of charge, and we will not put you under any pressure.


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